1. Will LWRN Fellowship members’ addresses and telephone numbers ever be disclosed to the IRS or other government agencies, due to the injunction order against Save-A-Patriot Fellowship?

No. The forced disclosure of SAPF’s membership list was solely related to activities prohibited by the court’s injunction, which SAPF has ceased. Further, Liberty Works Radio Network Fellowship never engaged in any of the enjoined activities, and members of LWRN are all joining after SAPF ceased all enjoined activities. Therefore, there is no reason nor legal basis for any demand for the disclosure of LWRN subscribers’ contact information.

Keep in mind that Liberty Works Radio Network is open to anyone, regardless of citizenship or name, race or creed. We don’t care what you want to call yourself or what address you use, so long as we can communicate with you and send you LWRN news.

2. Why does Liberty Works Radio Network Fellowship only accept cash or blank U.S. Postal Service money orders for membership dues and donations?

When funds are deposited with banks or similar institutions, they are at risk of being frozen or confiscated by those in government who want to undermine our Constitution and the principles on which America was founded — in other words, by all those who would like to see Liberty Works Radio Network fail. For this reason, Liberty Works Radio Network does not utilize bank accounts or credit.

One need not look far to see that the government is not above fabricating reasons to justify its illegal actions. Any false claim could be used as a pretext to confiscate LWRN funds held in banks, thereby preventing the network from accomplishing its goal of arousing Americans to action in restoring our Republic. Once the money’s gone, the chances of getting it restored are slim to none, considering the duplicity of our justice system, and legal costs waste even more resources. Several Patriot organizations have even had funds held in gold and silver confiscated without probable cause and never returned. One such organization was the National Commodity and Barter Association in Denver, Colorado; in 1985, Federal District Court Judge Richard Matsch ordered millions in confiscated gold returned, but it was never returned. The latest victim is NORFED and its “Liberty Dollar”; in 2007, the FBI seized more than seven tons worth of gold, silver, and copper coins in raids, and the DOJ is now seeking to keep/confiscate the coinage permanently.

In addition, banks cannot be relied upon to uphold account holders’ rights to due process. As an example, when a bank receives an IRS “notice of levy” against an account holder, it will typically turn over the funds rather than insist the IRS get a proper court order. Banks are less concerned about obeying the law than about maintaining favorable status with the Federal Reserve system, even though that system is financially unsound, unstable and corrupt.

Therefore, as a matter of principle, Liberty Works Radio Network Fellowship will not do business with banks, or, for that matter, anyone else who would violate the law or refuse to respect our unalienable rights to property and due process. Since the Fellowship does not bank or possess a checking account, it has no means of dealing with checks, electronic transfers, or other such modes of payment. Payment can only be tendered in FRNs (“Federal Reserve Notes,” popularly but incorrectly referred to as dollars) or U.S. Postal money orders, which can be obtained from any post office. If payment is made via Postal money order, the money order should be left TOTALLY blank, (payee and payor sections both TOTALLY blank), and the receipt retained for your records (if you keep any).

3. Will Liberty Works Radio Network need a license from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission)?

No. Although radio stations need FCC licenses, none is needed for a radio network.

4. Since Liberty Works Radio Network will be challenging the status quo, and likely making powerful government forces nervous, what would prevent the FCC from shutting it down?

The First Amendment of the Constitution, guaranteeing the right of freedom of speech. Since Liberty Works Radio Network is a member-supported network, and carries no commercials, there is no opportunity for the government to claim that its speech is “commercial.”

Of course, there can never be any guarantees against the abuse of government power left unrestrained. Educating the American public so that they can and will help restrain our government is LWRN’s goal. If the government reaches the point where it is willing to completely trample the First Amendment and stamp out all dissenting voices, then the time for educating Americans, practically speaking, will be over. Let’s work together now to keep that from happening!

5. Does Liberty Works Radio Network have the support of the Patriot and liberty-minded community?

Yes. Many major players in the Patriot community have already come out in support of Liberty Works Radio Network, as can be seen in the promotional video and their comments. Still others recognize the need for Patriot-controlled mass media, and we are working with them and their organizations to recruit member-subscribers to the LWRN Fellowship.

6. You say Liberty Works is a radio network? How is that different than a radio station?

All radio stations have individual broadcast areas assigned by the FCC. When several radio stations are owned by the same interest and carry the same programming, they can be viewed as a network.

A radio network consists of several radio stations in different broadcast areas (markets). LWRN’s plan calls for buying at least one radio station and many translators — which function as additional radio stations — in a wide variety of markets. This way, Liberty Works Radio Network programs can be extended clear across the country’s airwaves.

Many people are familiar with syndicated radio shows, in which affiliated radio stations pick up a single talk show to rebroadcast in various markets. When AM or FM stations pick up such programming, they can air as much or as little as they like — they are the ones in control. However, the stations controlled by Liberty Works Radio Network will be broadcasting all network programming.

7. Aren’t there already a lot of radio shows promoting the patriotic message of individual liberty and talking about the Constitution? How is Liberty Works Radio Network any different?

Unlike Internet or shortwave radio (where almost all freedom-loving shows are now aired) Liberty Works Radio Network will be broadcast through existing radio stations, giving us an audience base from the first minute it hits the airwaves! Our past experience has also shown that the programs planned for LWRN are tried and true at expanding their listening audiences.

With an over-the-airwaves radio network, people will stumble across our shows by switching stations in their car as they drive to work or play. And as Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy has shown, once people begin to hear the message of individual liberty, sound money, and constitutional government, they desire to learn more. LWRN will use talk radio to lead people to websites where they can study these issues in-depth.

LWRN is NOT competing with existing radio efforts; it is poised to make them more successful. Liberty Works Radio Network will be able to help successful Internet and shortwave radio hosts — such as Dave Champion, Alex Jones, Alan Stang, and Dr. Stan Monteith — spread their message even further.

8. I can already listen to patriotic and liberty-minded radio shows on the Internet (or shortwave), so why should I join Liberty Works?

If your only interest is in being able to listen to liberty-oriented programming yourself, then you have missed the point. Liberty Work’s goal is to reach a critical mass of Americans with the information they need to turn our country around and undo the damage of years of public schooling, inflationary policies, and socialist planning. This is about whether you will invest just 27 cents a day to HELP EXPOSE MANY OTHER PEOPLE to the same type of programs you listen to. The real question is: how much do you care about these principles? Enough to take back the airwaves? Then join LWRN.

9. How can I help?

Most importantly, you can help by joining Liberty Works Radio Network Fellowship now.

Then, tell all your friends, family and acquaintances about LWRN, and encourage them to join too. If you belong to any organizations interested in preserving our individual freedoms, convince the leadership to endorse Liberty Works Radio Network. With your help, we can be Proclaiming Liberty Throughout The Land in no time!

10. Liberty Works Radio Network was on the air from 1998 through 2001 and had to shut its doors. What will prevent it from failing this time?

Liberty Works Radio Network was formerly set up to be a commercial network. In order to get off the ground, a commercial network must carry a sales force and invest in stations in markets with guaranteed audiences for advertisers. These expenses proved to be too great to carry while the network was being established.

Now, however, LWRN is set up to be a non-commercial enterprise supported through annually renewed memberships (similar to non-profits’ pledge drives). As few as 5,000 members can fund the purchase of the first non-commercial radio station and the satellite uplink to feed the network, so Liberty Works Radio Network will be on the air if only a small percentage of the already-existing Patriot community joins.

Non-commercial stations can use low-cost “translators” to rebroadcast programming from the original station into large cities at a fraction of the cost of commercial stations. The operating overhead of translators is also less than a radio station. This means much faster expansion of LWRN at much less cost! And that ‘translates’ into reaching our goal of restoring the Republic that much quicker.